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Drug Dealer Simulator: Table for Cheat Engine {RebelHellion}

Here's what I've got so far:

  1. New Feature:
    • Equipment / Furniture Slots (from Workstation and Furniture mode)
      • Disclaimer - I only began working on this section TODAY within the last few hours. I found the Equipment Slots (from workstation) whist in the MAIN APARTMENT. Starting scanning for pointers. Once I had a decent-enough pointer list, I updated my table and felt finished. But I started to wonder what would happen if you went to another safehouse. As it turns out, I've overwritten all of my saves with other safehouses! So, I hacked my bank account so that I had $696,969.00 and bought the Supermarket Area Safehouse (Alt+ Numeric 1 for TP). Next went to the Furniture shop and the Drug Store to purchase all the necessary items so that I could test my pointers list.
      • As soon as I entered my second safehouse, something strange happened. My pointers list suddenly changed and started pointing at new addresses. SWEET, IT WORKED, RIGHT? Well.... sort of. For me, those pointers which were previously pointing at Equipment Slots 1-5 (while in main apartment) were now pointing at new memory locations corresponding to the FURNITURE MODE Slots 1-5 (while in Supermarket Area Safehouse). TP'd back and forth between the two locations for a while to verify my findings. Even traveled once by foot and got my bootyhole searched by Captain Fingers at the border crossing.
      • For example, if my pointers are working correctly as is, while standing in the Main Apartment, those pointers will correspond to your Equipment Mode Slots (accessible from the Work Station). If you then walk down the stairs, cross into Sector B, and walk into the Supermarket Area Safehouse, the moment you enter the building, those pointers will switch to new locations, which correspond to the FURNITURE MODE of the current building.
      • I suspect this has something to do with the fact that you cannot upgrade the Main Apartment (which is kind of garbo imho).
  2. New Teleport Locations:
    • Kennel
      • (Alt + numeric 3)
    • Two Towers
      • (Alt + numeric 4)
    • Eastern Slums
      • (Alt + numeric 5)
  3. Other Keybind Changes
    • Crowd-favorite "Bunny Hop" command (increase Z position current by 1500)
      • Shift + Space Bar
    • TP to East Old Town (Alt + F2)
      • I felt the initial position was a little too open, so I moved it to a safer spot. Still need to do this with the Stink.
  4. Updated and Expanded PointerScan results

Author: RebelHellion

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