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Dungeon Defenders Awakened - Table for Cheat Engine {Yellowsub}


[*]Player Name
[*]Player HUD
[*]Equiped Weapon

[*]Weapon Damage
[*]Weapon Damage Alt
[*]Weapon Knockback
[*]Weapon Elemental Damage
[*]Weapon Crit Chance
[*]Weapon Crit Bonus
[*]Weapon Projectile Speed
[*]Weapon Projectile Count
[*]Weapon Reload Speed
[*]Weapon Projectile Clip Size
[*]Weapon Ammo
[*]Weapon Block
[*]Weapon Charge Rate
[*]Weapon Attack Rate


[*]Tower Dmg Bonus

[*]Player Stats

[*]Player Speed
[*]Attack Rate
[*]Damage Knockback (Effects Towers As Well)
[*]Hero Casting Rate
[*]Hero Crit Chance
[*]Hero Crit Bonus
[*]Ability One Dmg
[*]Ability Two Dmg
[*]Rift Armor
[*]Rift Bonus Stat
[*]Max Mana
[*]Hero Bonus Projectile Count

[*]Jump Max Count
[*]Jump Current Count (Lock 0 for Inf Jump)


[*]Skill Points

[*]Unspent Stat Points


[*]<-Will not populate till in a mission ->


[*]Crystal Health 1000M
[*]Defence Units

[*]Max Allowed Defense Units
[*]Current Active Defense Units

[*]Mana (Hit M To Update)

[*]Set World Speed
[*]Skill Level

Author: Yellowsub

The source of information - Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

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