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Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon - Table for Cheat Engine v0.9.942 (Steam) {Marc}

This best description of this game, in my opinion, is "Dungeon Master with good graphics". So you do not choose a specific class for your characters. Instead, when casting a cleric spell, the character gets cleric-experience and will eventually level up. Since it is early-access, the game is not yet finished but looks really promising and I have already had lots of fun with it. According to the devs, they will release the last chapters in winter and then polish the game...

The table is quite simple: an AOB Injection which constantly fills up health, endurance, food, water... simply because all of them run through the very same code :ph34r: 

Additionally the table gives us some pointer-chains to the hitpoints of the character currently selected. So we can easily get the addresses of hitpoints for all 4 chars by simply selecting them.


Author: Marc

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