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Dungeon Town: Table for Cheat Engine {Impala}

More as I play

--Action Points
--SP (Skill Points)

--Max HP
--Max EP

--Infinite Action Points
--Infinite LP
--Infinite HP
--Infinite EP
--EXP Mutliplier
--Infinite Stat Points (level up)
---Can choose how many to freeze it at
--Item Amount (discard an item, you won't actually lose the item, but it will show how many you have)
--Infinite Time in Intimate Mode
--No random time losses in intimate mode
--Sell Items for 20 of them (changed to 20 to allow for some quests)

-Some Partner Quest Addresses (Open Partner Quests)
--Change value to 1 before the total and do the task
--Easy partner quest completions

Going to need to do some testing on the partner quests, but as long as the correct addresses show up for everyone I will be able to add more

Author: Impala

The source of information - Dungeon Town

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