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Dying Light: Table for Cheat Engine {TheyCallMeTim13}


Saves and loads table state (i.e.: what memory records are enabled).
Uses named states (i.e.: 'default', 'testState', or 'SuperCheated'), if no name is given then 'default' is used.

Save Table State : Default

Load Table State : Default


Teleport To: Way Point

Teleport: Back

Some locations have "Teleport To" save scripts in "Saves" section.

Save Location (saves location to local file)


Generate Memory Records (helper script for generating "teleport to save" scripts from saves)

Zero Camera Rotation Angle

Write Saves To File

Print Saves

Rename Save

Read From File

Delete Save

Time manipulation

Stop Timers

Sync with Real Time

Time Scale Hook

Time Display (Standard & Military)

Time Setters

XP Multiplier

Infinite Health

Infinite Combat Stamina

Infinite Stamina

Infinite Money

Money Multiplier

Infinite Ammo

No Reload

Inventory Cap. Hook

Infinite Inventory & Supple Drops

Inventory Multiplier

Delta Multiplier (modified from Soul Reaver's table)

Jump Multiplier (from Soul Reaver's table)

Infinite UV Light

No Grappling Hook Cooldown

No Flare Cooldown

Infinite Drug Duration

Attack Speed Multiplier

Infinite Weapon Condition

Fire Rate Multiplier

No Spread

No Recoil

Instant Bow Draw

Increased Camo

Infinite Camo

Invisible(ish) to Volatiles & Virals - Only with Camo

NPC Health Hook - Player Proximity

NPC Health Dec. Hook

Infinite Flash Light Batt.

Auto Flash Light

Easy Lockpicking (from Soul Reaver's table)

Weapons in Safe Zones

No Blueprint Requirements

Auto Trap Reset

Easy Action Taps

Easy Action Hold (from Soul Reaver's table)

Instant Level Ups (modified from Soul Reaver's table)

Fall Hack (Dumb Fly hack)

General Helper Scripts:

Fill Health

Fill Combat Stamina

Fill Camo

Clear Camo




+50 Rounds

+100 Rounds

+5,000 XP (Last)

The Fallowing:


Infinite Gas

No Vehicle Repairs

No Vehicle FlameThrower Cooldown

Infinite Nitrous

Nitrous Multiplier

General Helper Scripts:

Fill Gas

Fill Nitrous

Other Features:

Auto Attach to process

Simple Logger (with levels)

Debug Section:Helpers:

Print Game Module Info

Print Game Module Version

Enable Compact Mode

Disable Compact Mode

Set Logger Level : WARN (Default)

Set Logger Level : INFO

Set Logger Level : DEBUG

Set Logger Level : TRACE

All hooks have their own section, check scripts for real hook names.


Author: TheyCallMeTim13

The source of information - Dying Light

DOWNLOAD (218.8 Kb) 2021-Dec-01

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getting the error


I2CETLogger::CETlog - ERROR: autoAssembleFile:
Error assembling file: "CoordHook.CEA"

I2CETLogger::CETlog - ERROR: autoAssembleFile:
Error assembling file: "_Main.CEA"
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how do i even use this table?