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Dyson Sphere Program: Table for Cheat Engine {oLaudix}

Some caveats:
- I made it using current Steam version of the game. (
- Construction drone flight speed and Construction drones number only updates when their respective research is done. In addition if you increase Construction drones number and build smth itll break the game (I don't know how they coded it but its stupid). What you do is you increase the number of drones, wait for research to be done and only the use the drones. Honestly i wouldnt touch this. Just use Construction drone task count and speed.
- solution for Construction drone flight speed is last script but itll only work if you built at least 1 thing since starting the game.
- most of these i found on the occasion of looking to increase my drone speed and Icarus power generation since i didn't like the mechanic and decided to share because why not. That being said I don't plan to find any more variables or maintain this table in any specific way.

Author: oLaudix

The source of information - Dyson Sphere Program

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