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Earth Defense Force 4.1: Table for Cheat Engine {Clankinator}

1.) Automatically collect crates
2.) Loot Pickup Modifier(Enable before missionstart, edit while mission runs)
3.) Upgrade weapon drops (Enable before missionstart) (Creator: supermandrew)
4.) Remove Limits in Online-Mode (Enable before creating a room) (Creator: supermandrew)
5.) Cheats
-Infinite Ammo (sets ammo to 999)
-Infinite Ammo (alternative, stays at 1 ammo)
-Infinite Wingdiver-Energy
-Undead (similar to Godmode)
-No Bullet-Spread [Fixed by okok044041]
-Homing weapons lock on instantly [Fixed by okok044041]
6.) Pickup One Weapon to Unlock All incl. DLC+Genocide Gun+Armageddon Cluster
7.) Mission completed after killing only a few enemies (enable before missionstart)
8.) Modify Current Weapon Held
9.) Directly edit health, WD-energy, ammo, etc
10.) Edit Armor [Fixed by okok044041]
11.) Change equipped weapons (with dropdown list) [Fixed by okok044041]

Author: Clankinator

The source of information - Earth Defense Force 4.1

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