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Earth Defense Force: World Brothers - Table for Cheat Engine {EpicBirdi}

- Instakill Enemies & Player Godmode; some enemies survive the first hit, kinda depends on the weapon? Second hit always kills.
- Unlimited i-Frames when you receive them from every source I could find, so you can't take damage anyway.
- Don't lose HP when recovering fallen Ally
- Don't lose HP falling off the map

- Unlimited weapon ammo
- Unlimited Special Ability charge (always 100%)
- Receive 100% Special Ability charge on kill

- Unlimited Jetpack & Sprint duration
- Infinite Ability Charges (for characters that have X amount to use before cooldown)
- No Ability Cooldowns

- Instant Rescue / SOS Pickup
- Receive full HP from all healing sources I could find

Author: EpicBirdi


The source of information - Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

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