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Encased: Table for Cheat Engine {all_my_sins}


  • 100% hit chance
  • Set Player Attack Multiplier to 1000x
  • Set Skill Points to 99
  • Add 9999 to Barter Menu (still have to trade at least one thing)
  • Game Info
    • EnemiesDamageModifier (Set to -1 to negate damage)
    • CompanionsHpBoost
    • PlayersHpBoost
    • NoJams
    • PlayersAlwaysResistEffects
    • RestorePartyHPAfterCombat
    • AdditionalCarryWeight
    • EnemiesHitChanceModifier (set to -200 or lower to prevent enemy from hitting)
    • AlwaysResistAddictions

NOTE: This is an annoying game to find variables for. I've seen few that obfuscate them so well. I assume it's intentional, but god knows why for a single player game. Haven't found health, but you can disable enemy damage with "EnemiesDamageModifier" and set your health to enormous values with "PlayersHpBoost" and "CompanionsHpBoost".

Author: all_my_sins

The source of information - Encased

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