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Endless Space 2: Table for Cheat Engine v1.3.27 S5 {Recifense}


- Minimum Resources: [1]



- KEII (new)(s6.0)(for Hissho)

- Minimum Special Resources: [2]







- Manpower [3]

- God Mode: [4]

- SHIP (Hp Recover only)

- Movement Points: [5]

- SHIP (last selected fleet)

- SHIP Probes [6]

- Curiosity Expedition Power

- For Mining (new) (s6.0) (for Hissho)

- Colonization Progress: [7] Include RIFTBORN (s5.0)

- Colonizing System

- Research in 1 Turn [8]

- Minimum Luxury Resources (new) [9}

- Unlimited Action points: [A]

FLEET (can fight again)

- Quick Production/Construction [B}

- Ship unLocked in 1 turn [C] (new) (s4.0) (for the Vaulters)

- Full ESSENCE [D] (new) (s4.1) (for the Vodyani)

- Ship Offensive/Defensive Power [E] (new) (s4.2) (on selecting)

- Ship full manpower [F] (new) (s4.2) (on selecting)

- Entwine Quick Spreading (for The Unfallen) (new) (s4.3) [G]

- Some Pointers


[1] Dust and Influence will not go under minimum value (6700/167000). It works when the values are updated (HPO);

[2] Special resources will not go under minimum (100/200) (HPO);

[3] It will not let the Manpower to decrease (HPO);

[4] Ships HP will not decrease (HPO);

[5] The fleet/ships will have unlimited movement poits (HPO);

[6] The available probes will not decrease (HPO);

[7] Colonization will take 2 turns only (HPO);

[8] It will work till certain level (HPO);

[9] It works when the values are updated (HPO);

[A] Fleet always ready for battle (HPO);

[B] Production/Construction in 1 turn (till certain cost) (HPO);

[C] For the expansion - after colonization (HPO);

[D] Essence always full (HPO);

[E] Ship/Fleet will seem stronger during battle (HPO);

[F] Useful when attacking systems (HPO);

[G] Vineships will spread The Unfallen to adjacent systems in 2 turns (HPO);

HPO = Human Player Only



1) Run CE67 or greater;

----------------- important -----------------

2) Run Game;

3) Load or start a new game;


4) Load the game process "EndlessSpace2.exe" in CE;

5) Load this table;

6) Activate the script (in blue) by checking/clicking its box [X];

7) Now Activate the script of each cheat you want to use;

--------------- Back to Game ----------------

----------------- important -----------------

8) Click on the "Empire Summary" or on one of your STAR SYSTEMs;

9) Select each fleet by clicking on [arrow box] n fleets times;


10) Play On.


Author: Recifense

The source of information - Endless Space 2

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