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Endless Space 2: Table for Cheat Engine v1.5.48 {gideon25}


Planet (click on Each Planet and Go into Planet View)

 - Set All Basic Resources (Default 150) [Deactivate when Finished] - May have to Activate & Reactivate if stops working Doesn’t Stick Thru savegames

 - Reset Depletion to 0

 - Planet Max Pop to 99 (Need to Redo if you load savegame)

 - Max Minor Diplomacy Points (View Minor Faction)

 - Custom Faction Hack (Allows you to pick and play and with Any/AII traits and any amount of traits) - Activate BEFORE Selecting New Game/Editing Hacked Faction IITURN OFF After GAME STARTS!!!

           Force Create Button Highlighted (If its greyed out) Add/Subtract Trait Enable=1.   If Custom Faction Depends on a Mod if Using Mods Traits, Make Sure mod is loaded - Otherwise must delete Faction.    If Won't Let you Select go into Edit then hit Create Then Quickly Hit Select OR EDIT, then Change Population Bonus Then Hit Create

Author: gideon25

The source of information - Endless Space 2

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