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Endzone a World Apart: Table for Cheat Engine {gideon25}


Minimum Food, Water and ALL Resources

- Will Set EVERY Inventory Item including Food and Water to a minimum Once they are used (by a building) or consumed

Fast People Movement

- Set How Fast You want people to Move to Work (Default is 1.5-2.5)

Fast Workspeed/Tasks

Fast Build Buildings

No Resource Cost When Building or Researchingc—Faster & Skips having to transport resources

Instant Research

Infinite Research Knowledge and Utensils

Fast Trader Timer

Free Trading/Bartering/Reputation

- Can take everything and give nothing; if you give 1 item its a Max Good Deal & Maxes Reputation T

Settler Stat Scripts    

- Health

- No Radiation and Fertilie

- No Thirst

- No Hunger

- Happiness

- Settler Fast Grow Children (Children get set to just under young adult)

- Settler Reset Old Settlers to Young Adults (Over 40 get reset to Young Adult)


Author: gideon25

The source of information - Endzone a World Apart

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