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Enter the Gungeon: Table for cheat Engine v1.2.2 {Fantus}

New updates here, v1.2.2 fixes many bugs we had and added a couple of features

Added kill all enemies
Added modifications to spawn enemies

Choose the number of enemies to spawn
Can make enemies jammed
Bug fixes:
Kill super reaper,
Infinite ammo all,
Punchout cheats,
and free shop are all functioning again

Cleaned up the code slightly

If you have already installed run the updater to get the latest version with no manual download required

If you are installing for the first time download out cheat here and 
Extract the .zip to steamapps/common/Enter the Gungeon
Then open the EtGCheatInstaller.cmd and wait for it to finish


Author: Fantus

The source of information - Enter the Gungeon

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