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Eternity Warriors VR: Table for Cheat Engine {XergeTia}

This table ONLY contains:
- Pointers to find/freeze your health when you start a game
- Assembler code to prevent damage taken from increasing on a stage.

However there are 2 notes to keep in mind.
1) The pointers do not always work. I never learned them properly before, this alone makes me regret it. However, it has the best chance of working if you wait until AFTER the stage starts to toggle it.

2) The script only locks damage taken on a stage - not the whole set of stages. You will still be able to obtain a gold medal on any map (so long as you don't take too long and don't die), but the final score will not allow you to get a "God" ranking.

Author: XergeTia

The source of information - Eternity Warriors VR

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