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Europa Universalis 4: Table for Cheat Engine {__Corpo__}

- selected country (admin, diplo, military, stability, ducas, manpower, sailors, prestige, legitimacy, mercantislim, splendor, army professionalism, absolutism, inovation, government reform)
- province (tax, production, manpower, garrison, base unrest, autonomy, devastation, native bonus production, settlers, natives, ferocity, aggressiveness)
- idea on hover (number of bonus for that idea, ID of buff and factor of the buff) (I need to clean it up a bit to make it easier to use)
- spies (network size)
- estate (land share)
- army leader (fire, shock, manoeuver, siege, type)
- current uprising
- tribal federation (cohesion)
- Empire (authority)

Author: __Corpo__

The source of information - Europa Universalis 4

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