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Evergarden: Table for Cheat Engine {xacegod}

So I am trying out and figuring how to make cheat tables, so far I figured a small part of it.

Since the game uses Mono, I used it to always get the address of the code that executes function remove item from inventory.
It is a bit buggy but it did do its job of making me create and use infinite amount of items (since instead of decrease, I added increase items).

The next step is, of course since something takes up inventory slot, and there are more than I can use, I added another script to place 0 in the numbers of items left.

It works, but it is buggy, or it has features  ...

How to use it:
- Attach to process
- Activate Mono
- Activate which option to use
- Profit 

Do note when you get no icon after using a power that has 1 item left it will show 2 after using it with option activated, go to main menu and back and it will have the icon and you may use it as you see fit. This only happens if items left is 1, otherwise works great. Works with plants in inventory also.

PS Most likely I will not be messing with it anymore since this helped me finish and achieve all there is to this game.

To exit the game, deactivate Mono feature so that it won't stop responding.

Author: xacegod

The source of information - Evergarden

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