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Everspace 2: Table for Cheat Engine (Early Acces, Steam) {Master_Builder}


  • Infinite Health - Prevents health from being damaged. (Not armor nor shields.)
    The outer script gets the pointer, the inner script does the job. Needs reactivation after loading screens (the pointer changes).
  • Infinite Weapon Energy - Firing weapons won't drain the ship's energy.
  • Infinite Boost Energy - Boost as long as you want. It never drains.
  • Instant Boost/Shield/Weapon Recharge - As soon as things normally start recharging, it recharges to full. (You still have to wait out the recharge delay.) This may also affect enemy ships. Untested.
  • Infinite Secondary Ammo - Firing secondaries (e.g. missiles) won't reduce the ammo count.
  • Infinite Consumables - Amount doesn't decrease on use.
  • Infinite Modifications - Upgrading a weapon won't mark it as 'modified' so you can modify it again.
  • No Crafting Materials Consumed - Upgrading (modifying) will consume no resources. (You still need the resources to start the upgrade.)
  • No Invested Materials Consumed - Only enable when needed. Prevents item amounts from changing. They still visibly decrease when investing, but close/open the perks menu and you'll see it's unchanged.
  • Get Hovered Item - Hover over an item to get a pointer to it (unequip before changing values): Name, level, rarity, amount, ammo, was modified, can be used with any level, condition, overheat duration, etc.
    Also has pointers to the first 5 modifiers. For cargo units, one is the added (e.g. +5) cargo space.
    (Stat changes don't persist through save/load. The name may also appear wrong; not sure why.)
  • Get Augmentation Module Count - Gets the current augmentation module count. Add/remove any augmentation modules to update.
    Do NOT edit it when the value is 0. This happens when you spend the last point. The pointer we've captured remains, but it's been freed by the game.
  • Unlock All Colors - Unlocks all colors for ship customization. (Irreversible)
  • Unlock All Decals - Unlocks all decals for ship customization. (Irreversible. They are also already all unlocked. I just found a method for it so here you go.)
  • Pointers:
    • Player: Credits, level, xp, difficulty.
    • Ship: Name, Modules, & Appearance (Colors/Material/Lights).

Author: Master_Builder

The source of information - Everspace 2

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