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Evil Bank Manager: Table for Cheat Engine {jgoemat}


* Manager:GetBaseStat - Set base stats to 250 - enable before searching for people to hire and they'll have great stats
* PoliticSkill:OnTurnEnd - No Cooldown - enable and you can use the espionage skills each turn (declare war, etc.)
* ContributionCountryCard:SetInfo - reinvest - removes timer for investing in a region
* UserBank:AddResource (minimum 10000 added) - each time a resource is added, you will get at least 10,000. For instance if you have 5 tiny iron mines, you will get 50,000 iron per turn. If you sell 1 iron you will get 10,000 gold
* UserBank:RemoveResource (don't remove, so no costs) - skips removing resources, so basically free stuff

Then there are three scripts to enable that will get pointers when you save the game (enable them, then save). You can edit influence, work, gold, fear, and change how many investments you can make per turn or zero the counter for the current turn so you can make more.

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