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Exanima: Table for Cheat Engine v0.7.3 {Strypercritical}

The game has been updated again so the old tables wont work unfortunately. I decided to make one little table for health bars and money for 0.7.3. This is the first time I ever did this on my own so something could be horribly wrong but it seems to be working after restarts of the game. 

Things to note:

If you leave God Mode enabled while exiting an arena match you will get some strange errors, and things can disappear, so best to disable it anytime you enter/exit arena matches.

Just one address for money that I found, so adjusting that value (increasing it) will increase your overall money amount, cant change by individual gold, silver, copper amounts.

Author: Strypercritical

The source of information - Exanima

DOWNLOAD (3.1 Kb) 2019-Jul-17
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Aye, your trainer works but for some reason it cant find the value of the health for me. Any ideas?