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F1 2018: Table for Cheat Engine v1.16 {Acido}

Current options:

Resource Points
Add to Resource Points
Subtract from Resource Points
Set Resource Points to specific amount

Rivalry Data
Current Team Goal Data
Contract Negotiation Data
Contract Perks
Prestige Level
Showmanship/Sportsmanship Level
Team Reputation Level
Unlimited Contract Negotiation Attempts On/Off

Engine Performance Percentage
Current Engine Wear
Engine Wear Rate
Grip Level Multiplier
Tyre Wear Rate (Player)
Tyre Wear Rate (Computer)
Tyre Temperature Override
Tyre Min/Max Temperature
Brake Temperature Override
Brake Min/Max Temperature
Current Fuel Load
Fuel Consumption Rate (Player)
Fuel Consumption Rate (Computer)
Current ERS Level
Energy Recovery System (ERS) Drain/Refill rate (Player)
Energy Recovery System (ERS) Drain/Refill rate (Computer)
Maximum Gear Usable by Computer


Author: Acido

The source of information - F1 2018

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