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Factorio: Table for Cheat Engine v0.17.56 {Bloodybone}


Inf Health/OneHitKill
-Infinite Health
-OneHitKill Enemies

Inf Vehicle Health

Achievements are allowed

Get Pointers
--Player Base
--UserName LowerCase
--Player Zoom
--Character Base
--CharacterController Base
--GameView Base
--GameRenderer Base
--Factorio.DayTime Base
--Current Time

Get Character
-Base Address
-Base Address "other" Character
--Player Base Address
-Entity Stuff
--Entity Name Local Language
--Entity Name
-Movement Speed
-Mining Speed Modifier
-Inventory Bonus
-Crafting Speed
-Added Resource reach distance
-Added Reach distance
-Added Loot pickup distance
-Added Item pickup distance
-Added Item drop distance
-Added Build distance

Update Inventory Size/Set Own
-Change Inventory Size
--Added Inventory Size
--Set Inventory Size
---Inventory Size to set
---Set Inventory Size Flag

Get Cursor Stack
-Base Address
-Cursor Stack
-Max Stack
-Item ID
-Is Ghost?

Inf Reach Distance


Toogle Admin/CheatMode
-Toggle Admin

Inf Zoom

Teleport to Cursor
-Teleport Flag

Teleport Activation
-Teleport Flag
-Saved X
-Saved Y

Reveal All Recipes

Change Surface Activate Me First
-Change Surface
-Surface Name

Find Surface
-Search For Surface
-Surface Count
-Index to Search for
-Name to Search for
-Case-Sensitive Search
-Returned Index
-Returned Name
-Returned Address

Research Stuff
-Unlock All Technologies
-Reset All Technologies

Class Pointers

Pointers from Factorio.Global
-Factorio.Surface (Current)
-Factorio.Inventory VTable

Author: Bloodybone

The source of information - Factorio

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