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Factorio: Table for Cheat Engine {Csimbi}

Here's the table I ended up with.
It is signed to avoid CE prompt for the auto-attach script.
The table includes an AOB script, which gives you:
God Mode; no comment
One Hit Kill; no comment
Infinite Reach; activate/mine/build from any distance
Move Speed Mod; who needs a car?
Manual Craft Speed Mod; scales the speed at which you craft items (you, not your facilities)
Research Speed Mod; scales the speed at which your research progresses
Min. Stack Level; This is more or less an 'infinite items' hack, but not really. It ensures that the stacks never go below a certain %. Requires two things: opening the interface (your inventory, a storage, a facility) and having at least 1 of the item. If you spend all your items without opening your inventory in between, the stack will be gone - which easily happens while placing a lot of walls and railroad tracks in one go.
Game Speed Mod; In case you need to speed things up.
Zoom Range Mod; scales the zoom range, allowing you to zoom in/out more. Do not set to 0 or else it will crash.
Light Range Mod; so you need to place less lamps. Changes all light sources, including the player's light, which looks a bit weird with this hack

Author: Csimbi

The source of information - Factorio

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