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Fairy Tail: Table for Cheat Engine {Cyber}

Fairy Tail Party Editor [Build 5367490 - HOODLUM]

Just a simple script for party editor.

Change party members:

  • Activate "Party Members" and " [x] " scripts.
  • Copy/paste any "Value" of Character pointer (8-bytes) into Character 1/2/3/4/5 slot.
  • Avatar character is handled separately with active party members. So if you have team like Natsu/Lucy/Erza, you can use Gray as an avatar. Just copy/paste Gray's pointer into avatar slot.

Unlock all characters (including guest characters):

  • Copy/paste Last Character Pointer address into EndPoint value. Example, the address of last character pointer is
    P->1E9A4BE4088 or 000001E9ABE4088 (8-bytes) then replace value in EndPoint with 000001E9ABE4088.
  • Activate "Character Status" script then highlight any character that you have added via table then change their Playable Status to 1. Save your game.


  • Guest characters like Ultear, Flare, and Minerva have no bond rank because they are not actually playable characters.
  • If you unlock Mirajane with the table, somehow her skill and bond are not accessible. So just unlock her in normal way.
  • Lacrima, Status, and Element pointers are just for info. There is no use changing those values.

Author: Cyber

The source of information - Fairy Tail

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