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Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes - Table for Cheat Engine v2.51 {Recifense}


- Unlimited Movement for player's troops [1]

- Minimum Existing Resources: [2]

- Gold

- Mana

- Crystal

- Metal

- God Mode [3]

- Quick Level Up for player's heroes [4]

- Full Mana during Battle [5]

Fast Research (1 turn) [6]

- Fast Construction/Improvement (1 turn/3 turns) [7]

- Side effect -> Quick City Growth

Fast Production (1 turn/3 turns) [8]

- Pointers to selected Character's Attributes: [9]

- Moves

- Strength

- Dexterity

- Hit Points

- Intelligence

- Accuracy

- Weight Capacity

- Combat Speed

- Pointer to available points when creating a faction [A]


[1] Valid on the strategic view. Sometimes, after fighting spiders, your army cannot move until next turn.

[2] Existing resources will be set to minimum value 5000;

[3] That's it. Side effect: HP is set to minimum 100;

[4] Player's heroes will level up after a battle or a quest;

[5] That's it.

[6] A research per turn. During normal game or scenario.

[7] Construction/improvement in 1 turn during normal game. It could take 3 turns in scenario games.

[8] Production/Reinforcement in 1 turn during normal game. It could take 3 turns in scenario games.

[9] The values are valid when you are at the detail screen of a hero and (plus) after changing tabs.

[A] The value is valid when you are at the Faction Custumization screen and (plus) after changing tabs.


1) Run CE67;

2) Run Game;

3) Load the game process "LegendaryHeroes.exe" in CE;

4) Load this table and activate the main script;

5) Now Activate the script of each cheat you want to use;

6) Game On.


Author: Recifense

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