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Farming Simulator 22: Table for Cheat Engine {GreenHouse}


- Change Cash
Change the cash to any amount that you want.

- Walking Speed
Change the walking speed of the character to what you want.

- Running Speed
Change the running speed of the character to what you want.

- Jump Height
Change how high you'll jump to what you want.

- Sun Height Angle
Change the sun height angle to what you want. Aproximately the value goes from -2 to 1. ( 1 being pure darkness and -1 or -2 being just sunny. )

- Current Season
Change the current season to the one that you want.

- Time Scale
Change how fast time advances. Value 0 will freeze time, a bigger value will increase its speed, and a negative value will make time go backwards.

- Current Time
Change the current time to any specific hour and minute that you want. Click the [HELP] square, to see information about how to change it.

Author: GreenHouse

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