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Fictorum (GOG): Table for Cheat Engine {dd777}

What it has:
- Current HP
- Essence
- Base Values for all character stats
- Equipment Enchantment Values (Incomplete)
* Some Name and Description values
* Some Stat Values: Resistances, Health & MP Bonuses, Regen, etc.
* Rarity Modifier (Affects cost for enchanting/turning to essence)
* Some Spell values for adding spells to equipment (Haven't figured out abilities yet)
* Enhancement Rank
- Rune Enchantment Values (Incomplete)
* Some Rune Types and element restrictions
* Some Stat Values: Damage Bonuses, Mana Costs, Speed Bonus, etc.
* Rank Modifier (Probably effects something?)
* Enhancement Rank

Author: dd777

The source of information - Fictorum

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