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Final Doom: Table for Cheat Engine (GoG) {Marc}

Hi all,
the next classic action shooter running under DosBox. So I am simply using the guide from erfg12.
Same problem as with "Doom 2": there are several addresses - overall 5. One of them is the display-value-master which changes 3 other addresses. And the last address is the interesting one, containing the real health value. And guess what - this address moves constantly so I could not make a table entry. 
Workaround: make a new game. Search for 100 as 4-Byte. Get hit, search for the new value. Add all results to the table and freeze them. Redo that at every new game you start. Improvemnts/suggestions ar very welcome.
But at least you can give you all weapons and edit/freeze the amount of ammo you have. *sigh*

Author: Marc

The source of information - Final Doom

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