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Final Fantasy VII: Table for Cheat Engine {eaglestar}

It's been a while since anyone updated this, I know less and less play this version of the game but I added a couple of things which are useful:
- Cloud weapon materia slot 1: Straight forward, clouds materia will change. To get a mastered Enemy skill leave the slot blank, then mod.
- Item 1 ID. This one is tricky if you have an item in slot 1 in the inventory then you get an item by modifying the value, if you have a weapon you get a weapon, if you have an accessory you will get the accessory mod by changing the value - I hope you remember this.
- Gold Saucer GP
- Arena in battle points: Go to the arena have one fight when it says you have 10 points, mod to 65,000 which is close to the 2byte limit, exit.
- Materia inventory 1 - This will change whatever you have in the inventory 1 materia, just if you need to change while Cloud is gone.
- Stable 1 Chocobo type: Now here is the time saver if you want it, catch a chocobo then move it to stable 1 and mod the value to 4 = gold Chocobo.

The second file attached is the "Item-materia digits", this file is so you know the values to change for the items, accessory, weapon, armor and materia.

Author: eaglestar

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