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Final Fantasy VII: Table for Cheat Engine {ZoDDeL}

All Materia (gives you every materia in list once and overides all!)
All Materia(Mastered) same as before but maximized experience
All Limits (give you all limitbreaks for every charakter you unlocked so far. reuse for later added partymembers)
All Keyitems (more a funny gimmick. better not use it because it could f* up your savegame)
All Items x99 (gives you every item x99. includes weapons, armor, ALL)

Tifa Slots All Yeah (no more hit or miss in tifa's limit. only crits! stays until savegame load/game restart)

unlock scripts automatic disable after a half second. thats intended. you can just reuse them for items if you get low.


inf.MP (gives all your chars 999 manapoints)
inf.HP (gives all your chars 9999 healthpoints)
lucky 7 (gives all your chars 7777 healthpoints and triggers the lucky7 eventflag)
inf.LIMIT (gives all your chars full limitbar)
super status (gives all your chars a bunch of positive status effects that make them like GODMODE)

EXP after battle (put in some value an freeze)
AP after battle (put in some value an freeze)

Author: ZoDDeL

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