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Final Fantasy VIII Remaster: Table for Cheat Engine {Mad_Monkey}

I've update some cheat on the 6.0 table.


Script Update:
- One Hit Kill/Enemy Damage Multiplier (Note1)
- ATB Multiplier for Allies and Enemies
- EXP Multiplier (Note2)
- Inf Magic Use (In-Battle, Out of Battle)
- Inf Item Use (In-Battle, Out of Battle)
- AP Multiplier (Note3)

Pointers Update:
- Highlighted Item
- Highlighted Magic

Script Added:
- Inf Item/Magic Refine
- Inf Card Mod

- Draw Multiplier
- Max Boost (Summon)
- Always Able to Limit Break Highest Level
- Save Anywhere
- Unlock All GF (View GF Menu)

Note1: Now when the enemy hit, the player HP goes down normally if "Inf HP in Battle" it's deactivated
Note2: Added some code to see the correct value of the EXP gained. Added a limit to 100.000 EXP gained.
Note3: Added some code to see the correct value of the AP gained. Added a limit to 250 AP gained.

Author: Mad_Monkey

The source of information - Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

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