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Final Fantasy XV: Table for Cheat Engine (Steam) Update 19 {Squall8}


Inf HP
One Hit Kill
Inf MP
Inf Tech Bar
Inf Armiger
Inf Dynastic Stance Duration
Inf Stamina
Inf Item Use
Inf Elemental Energy
Unlock All Techniques
Ignore Recipe Ingredients
Inf Fishing Line Durability
No Magic Cooldown
View Complete Bestiary
Exp Multiplier
Skill Exp Multiplier
Tech Exp Multiplier
Hunter Rank Multiplier
Activate Summons
Max Damage/Rage Output For Ignis/Gladio
Max Clarity
Valor Mod
View Complete Bestiary
Load Saved Wea/Acc Stats
Gil/AP Pointers
Item Finder
Weapon Finder
Accessory Finder
Magic Editor
Meal Duration + Editor
Status Effect Editor
--Inf Status Effect Duration
Have All Potions
Have All Ingredients
Inf Chocobo Stamina
Chocobo Sprint Speed Multiplier
--Chocobo Glide Decent Rate
Chocobo Jump Height

Update 1 - Updated a few more scripts. Fixed Inf HP. Added directions on how to load the table above.

Update 2 - Updated a few more scripts. Added Inf Armiger!

Update 3 - Changed the hotkey for Inf Armiger to Tilde Key.

Update 4 - Finished updating demo table. Added Max Damage/Rage Output For Ignis/Gladio and Load Saved Weapon ATK Power. I will be working on improving this script for all stats on weapons and accessories.

Update 5 - Finished Load Saved Wea/Acc Stats.

Update 6 - Fixed Inf Item Use. I apologize for this. I meant to fix this much earlier..

Update 7 - Added a few more items to Item Finder, basically all the ones that aren't covered with Ignore Recipe Ingredients. There is a QP item that will let you add QP points. Find this under Key Items. I'm leaving out most key items from the list due to having no effect in game, there is no point in adding them. Added Hunter Rank Multiplier. Fixed issues with Inf HP and Inf Status Duration. 

Update 8 - Fixed hotkey for Inf Armiger.

Update 9 - Changed comparison for Inf HP and Inf Status Effect Duration.

Update 10 - Fixed issues with Hunter Rank Multiplier. Can be dangerous to use, do so with caution. Added notes in Table Extras.

Update 11 - Thanks to Canes for pointing out Effect IDs in the Accessory structure, the one effect I tried testing on strangely doesn't work. Added the pointer under Accessory Finder. Will add the weapon effects later. Inf MP now supports the Ring of the Lucii.

Update 12 - Found some time to work on this! Added Skill Exp Multiplier.

Update 13 - Updated Table. Slowly reverting back to aob scans. 

Update 14 - Added OHK option to Inf HP. This should fix the bugs in the DLC. Inf HP now supports Cor, Iris and Aranea. Inf Tech Bar now supports Ignis and Prompto as well. Added Max Clarity and Valor Mod. Added scripts for Episode Ignis that didn't carry over from the main game. I tested out Episode Gladiolus and everything seemed fine. I will start with Episode Prompto next.

Update 15 - Fixed a small issue with Inf Tech Bar, readded support for the Armiger Unleashed. 

Update 16 - Fixed an issue with OHK option only triggering with Inf HP enabled. Added support for the Tournament monsters, or any monster for that fact, to Inf HP + OHK.

Update 17 - Added Activate Summons. Its best to pick only one summon at a time as I didn't bother scaling the chances. Supports Ramuh, Shiva and Titan, still looking for Leviathan. Added possible fix for gil/ap pointers.

Update 18 - Added Instant Summons. Summons will be available as soon as the battle starts. If used by itself it seems to only activate Ramuh unless specified otherwise. Updated Exp Multiplier and Skill Exp Multiplier.

Update 19 - Added all key items to Item Finder. Added Eos Green Peas as well to Item Finder and Have All Ingredients. Added Inf Dynastic Stance Duration.


Author: Squall8

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