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Final Fantasy XV: Table for Cheat Engine (Windows Store) Edit 3 {DrummerIX}

Options so far:
Damage Modifier (God Mode, One Hit Kill, etc)
Infinite MP
Infinite Stamina
AP Gained Multiplier/Infinite AP
Gil Gained Multiplier/Infinite Gil
EXP Multiplier
Shop Override Item ID
Minimum Item Amount on Gain/Use
Pointers for Gil, AP

I will add more as I have time. Let me know if you have issues as I only tested in first little area so far.

Added Infinite Stamina and AP Gained Multiplier/Infinite AP options.

Added Gil Gained Multiplier/Infinite Gil and EXP Multiplier options.

EDIT 2.5:
Modified the Item ID List available in the Override Shop Item ID option to include more items from the PS4 Save Editing spreadsheet.

EDIT 2.75:
More items specific to Royal Edition/Windows edition have been added to the Item ID list like Rare Metal, etc.


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