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Final Fantasy XV: Table for Cheat Engine (Steam) Edit 5.5 {DrummerIX}

Options so far:
Damage Modifier (God Mode, One Hit Kill, etc)
Infinite MP
Infinite Stamina
AP Gained Multiplier/Infinite AP
Gil Gained Multiplier/Infinite Gil
EXP Multiplier
Tech EXP Multiplier
Skill EXP Multiplier
Shop Override Item ID
Minimum Item Amount on Gain/Use
Pointers for Gil, AP
Pointers to Highlighted Equipment (Weapon and Accessory)

CE seems to do 5 byte jumps if you Enable at the Main Menu or it could be whenever it decides too depending on available memory. I have 2 options now that do the same thing. If I enable at Main Menu with the first option, it appears to work okay for me. If enabling after loading a save game, the second option works for me. After loading a save game, CE usually does the 14 byte jumps for me. Anyway, this game seems weird to hack in some ways. Hope this one of these options works better for you.

EDIT 1.5:
Cielos had a nice solution to the issue of whether the jmp CE produces is 5 bytes or 14. Big thanks to him. This EDIT uses his solution to only have the one option that should work always.

Back to the drawing board on a solution that works all the time. What I came up with is You enable the option either at main menu or after a save game, but also enable the option Check If JMP 5 Bytes afterwards. This appeared to work for me whether I enabled at main menu or after loading a game. I apologize for the issues. Try this one and let me know.

EDIT 2.5:
Added in a Minimum Item Amount On Gain/Use by request. I'm not sure if this conflicts with the Inf Item Usage Cielos or Squall8 did, but it's probably around the same area of code. I usually do Inf Item at the same time, but with this on you always have the Minimum Amount you specify minus what's being used. I've only barely tested this when buying items in a shop, so let me know if you have issues with it.

Thanks to Squall8 for updating the Item ID list with additional things such as Armiger Weapons. I added them to the list in my table also with this update.

I updated the Override Shop Item ID option with items from the spreadsheet for the PS4 version. I also have been working on other options for the Windows Store version and just decided to try porting them over here to Steam also. Many do similar functions to Squall's table, so you don't have to use these, but they are available. I did limited testing, so it's possible the Steam version needs other updates to make them all work. Let me know if you have issues with them.

EDIT 4.25:
Some more accessories added in Royal Edition/Windows version are now in the list like Rare Metal near the end. I'm removing EDIT 4, but the update still appies.

EDIT 4.5:
Added back in AP Multiplier by request. That and Infinite AP are separate options in this Steam table due to issues with crashing.

EDIT 4.75:
Fixed AP Multiplier to work with all sources (or it should). I'm removing EDIT 4.5.

I added in Tech and Skill EXP Multiplier by request. Thanks to Squall8 for finding the original options. I enhanced them to account for 14 byte jumps in this version. Let me know if you have issues.

EDIT 5.5:
Someone wanted me to add Weapon and Accessory Stat Changer to my table. I found the pointers to highlighted weapon and accessory on my own, but I want to thank Squall8 for the offsets he already figured out dealing with the stats on weapons and accessories. You view the item in your inventory. If you have multiple of the same item, it supports up to 32. You change the Highlighted Equipment Num (start at 0 for first one) and give it few seconds to update pointers. Options are in the Pointers section.


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Perhaps it's because I'm not using it properly, but I tried to Override Shop ID. I checked it and then checked the Override Item ID and then selected Ribbon. But it's not doing anything. I mean, the box has an X in it. But when I went to a shop, it doesn't change anything.