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Final Fantasy XV: unlocks all the exclusive items table {predprey}

This script unlocks all the exclusive items from the various platforms such as UWP and Origin.
It already includes the Twitch exclusives from the post above.
The Half-Life items are unlocked without needing to subscribe to their broken workshop items.
Additionally, there is a secret Intel 8700K pack which never got released. It includes a HP-8700K Booster and a MP-8700K Booster.

There are two ways to use the script:

  • Activate it anytime before or during the logo splash screens
  • Activate it, load a save game, return to title screen

Finally, I'm still interested in finding a way to reactivate the exclusive festival events, though it's not high priority on my to-do list. Anyone with information or files from the console please do share them with me.

Author: predprey

The source of information - Final Fantasy XV

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