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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition NG+ (Steam) - Table for Cheat Engine {GachiOnFire}

Hello there,
I heard the NG+ available in the game was not modifying anything on the monsters side, which is a bit disapointing when you are high level and want more "challenge", so I've made that table to give us the opportunity to change monsters' stats and bosses' stats globally.

Monsters' stats modified :
- Physical Power
- Magical Power
- Physical Resistance
- Magical Resistance

There are 2 modes :
- Basic NG+ : Change the global multiplier to recalculate all stats with it.
- Custom NG+ : Modify every stats as you want.

The multiplier can also be a decimal value like 1.5, monsters and especially bosses can be very tough even with just 2 or 3


Author: GachiOnFire

The source of information - Final Fantasy XV

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