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Forager: Table for Cheat Engine v4.1.9 {AddictedToCodes}

Removed "Scripts" and "Speedhacks" sections.
Updated items list for "Inventory Editor".
"Inventory Editor" is a script now (4.1.9 has pointers instead of script) and it includes 40 slots with their values instead of 16.
Updated pointers in "Pointers" and added "Coins" pointer (couldn't find "Player Size" pointer).
Also Lives were changed to "4 Bytes" because "Double" wasn't working correctly

How to get upgrades (pickaxes, bows, swords etc.):
1. Change one of your items to the upgrade you want.
2. Make "Vault" and move your wanted upgrades here.
3. Break the "Vault" and pick up upgrades.

Author: AddictedToCodes

The source of information - Forager

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