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Freespace 2 (Fsopen): Table for Cheat Engine {gideon25}

First install Freespace 2 GOG or steam. Then install Knossos which will also install freespace open (FSO) and any mod you want thru the knossos installer . FYI, the MediaVPS packages are the updated graphics for the original freespace 1 & 2 campaigns. Knossos is fricken AWESOME, and some of the mods are basically entirely new games and knossos automatically downloads, installs, and lets you run any of the mods/conversions you choose thru its interface. 

This table will work with any mod that uses Freespace 2 Open v19.0.0 (64bit AVX). MOST of the mods use this version. Look at the bottom of the screen when when you start a mod (when at the pilot select) and you can see what version the mod is using. Virtually all the mods now use FSopen v19.0.0 opengl. Unfortunately Wings of Dawn and Diaspora still use 3.8.1, so this table won't work and Im not gonna do an entirely new table for them, at least not right now. In the Loadout select where you can force a weapon loadout or ship to be used before the mission starts: For different mods that don't use the standard freespace weapons/ships or use new weapons/ships just make a note of what number the loadout is showing you for the ship/weapon. You can just type that number in to force a particular ship/weapon in the mod you are playing. I've only named the main freespace1/2 stuff.

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