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Frontlines: Fuel of War - Table for Cheat Engine {VampTY}


----------/Drive/Fly [Single Player] Endurance [Drone/Helicopter/RC Helicopter/Tank/Vehicle]

  • With this option enabled, those you drive or you fly with them won't take any damage!

Character/-----/--- [Single Player] Health

  • Have fun!

Character/Drive/Fly [Single Player] Inventory [Ammo/Items]

  • Unlimited ammo, items (once you have them) for either player or vehicle, drone etc

Character/Drive/Fly [Single Player] Inventory [Deployments Left]

  • Unlimited times to deploy, do your worst!

Character/-----/--- [Single Player] Inventory [Grenades]

  • Is always great to have more!

Game [Speed] Fast

  • Game is faster!

Game [Speed] Slow

  • Game is slower!

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