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Frostpunk: Table for Cheat Engine v1.5.1 {miraikolus}

I believe options explain themselves. Just there are 2 fast research options, only 1 is needed, did the other first but the orange one is ... faster, so i just kept both. There are new options for instant laws and telegraph (logistic limit). Note on resources: I believe "wont decrease" is enough for most cases - a more natural experience. But if you're not in first mission (where 1.4 table skips some missions too, but not game breaking as in dlc) and need some wood or steel for research f.e. that I believe is safe (but def. not with new resources like dlc above). Have fun and report any problems if you may run into.

EDIT: Another nice effect is that with "wont decrease" you can build s.t. (which won't cost resources) and then sell it (which will ADD additional resources). So no need to Alt/Tab.

Author: miraikolus

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