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Gears Tactics: Table for Cheat Engine {SovietWristwatch.jpg}

Activate at the main menu or while in-game.


  • Godmode *
  • One Hit Kill **
  • Unlimited AP
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited Grenades / No Cooldown
  • Unlimited Skillpoints
  • 100x Achievement Progress ***

* I think there is one enemy type that is given godmode by this script. I might fix later, but you can always temporarily disable.
** Not recommended to use on the Act 2 and Act 3 final bosses. It will bug your game.
*** Use at your own risk. Will add 100 instead of 1 for most of the incremental achievements like # of kills, # of Veteran missions, etc.

Author: SovietWristwatch.jpg

The source of information - Gears Tactics

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