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Gladiator Guild Manager: Table for Cheat Engine {panraven}


- cooldownMul, cooldown for each action;
- minimumRsrc, win a battle to update
- LootReward, reward is a tier higher if possible, and more non-consumable (eq?);
- unitLoseHeal, = damage received multiplier, default is extremely small because the 'stamina/action speed up' cheat is too powerful, so that the battle last a bit longer;
- moreQuirksForFriendlyUnit, this is a pointless quirky cheat;
- StaminaMax (and action spped up), always fill up stamina and multiplier for both damage and speed of action (kind of atk speed);
- infCuponNContinue, repeatly open LootBoxCupon, note, too much resource in pedding list may bug the game;
- ringOfDeathArenaCooldown, the cooldown of this arena is 1 day

Author: panraven

The source of information - Gladiator Guild Manager

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