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Going Under: Table for Cheat Engine v1.1.0.18 {ndck76}

Infinite Health *Hotkey Included* (You can turn this off if you want, you have tons of health remaining or just use the editor)
1 Billion Cash *Hotkey Included* (Green color. You can collect these when killing enemies)
1 Billion Credits *Hotkey Included* (Blue color. You can collect these when receiving rewards or killing enemies. You activate this ONLY when you are in the office and the items are there for sell.)
One Hit Kill *Hotkey Included* (Careful. Use this if you want but certain enemy for some reason also cannot be killed. Just ignore them and move to the next room. Recommended you turn off this cheat especially before activating the circular door or else enemies won't get killed and the bonus item for some reason cannot be claimed.)
Health Editor

Author: ndck76

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