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Golazo! Soccer League: Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}

Infinite Stamina *Hotkey Included* (You need to sprint first and then activate the cheat)
Infinite PowerUp Duration *Hotkey Included* (When the powerup started, activate this cheat on for the duration to will remain infinite. This also applies to the opponent's powerup as well)
Player 50 Goals *Hotkey Included* (Regardless whoever scores first, activate the cheat. You need to score at least 2 goals to take effect. If you want to control the number of goals, use the editor instead. I assume the number of goals is connected to the number coins earn as well)
Opponent No Goal Score *Hotkey Included* (You need to activate this regards to whoever scores first. Your score will remain as 0 even though you have conceded score(s)

Goal Score Editor (You need to score first, then activate the cheat. After this you can edit the number of goals)

Author: ndck76

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