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Golden Light: Table for Cheat Engine {cfemen}


God Mode
-no damage or damage effects

Know All Food Effects
-food will show the effect without using it first
(use mouse wheel to swap to see already picked up food effect)

Repair Weapon
-weapon will be repaired to max durability while attacking
-script will also fix a completly broken weapon(try to attack to repair it)

Full Stamina
-as title says

Ignore Gun Clip
-your weapon clip is always full

Rapid Fire [Melee]
-melee weapons will attack extreme fast

Rapid Fire [Guns]
-guns will shoot without cooldown or delay

Increase Light [Next Floor]
-activate before you use the elevator to go to the next floor.
-some floors will increase only slightly, other floors will be increased more.

Min. Pouch Ammo x?
-pouch ammo will never be lower than x?
(will only work if you ever picked up any ammo)

Food Handler
-activate script now you can spawn food with F5 or use Spawn Food[F5] script
(dont use while loading)

Memento Handler
-activate script now you can choose a skill with F1 or use Open Memento [F1] script
(dont use while loading)

Some Pointers:
-Max Health
-Difficulty Level
-Guts Bad Reputation
-Lost An Eye
-Active Cult ( maybe it does have no effect to change, there is another class that also contains this, will check that later)
-Her Pieces

Author: cfemen

The source of information - Golden Light

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