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Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods - Table for Cheat Engine {SilverRabbit90}


- Script for infinite Endurance and infinite Life
- Script for infinite Mana
- Script for Infinite Gold (Deactive and buy something for tun to normal)
- Script for infinite Item Quantity
- Script All stats up and God Mode (Npad 5)
- Script Turn off all stats and return to normal (Npad 9)
. Script to set learning points to 10 (Deactive for change value)
- Script For Easy Level up (Active and kill an enemy for level up quickly, Deactive and use "Script Set Exp to 0" for turn to normal)
- Script Set Exp to 0 (for turn to normal after used "Script Easy level up")

Author: SilverRabbit90

The source of information - Gothic 3

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