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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Definitive Edition - Table for Cheat Engine {GreenHouse}


- Infinite Health
You won't die no matter what hits you or if you fall from a 50 storey building.

- Infinite Armor
Ammo won't decrease no matter how many times you're shot at.

- Infinite Sprint NEW
You won't get tired when running. So you'll be able to run forever.

- Infinite Vehicle Health (Damage, will never explode)
The current vehicle you're in, won't take any damage. It will take visible damage, but it will never explode.

- Unbreakable Vehicle (No visible damage + Tires) NEW
The current vehicle you're in, will be completely unbreakable. Both visually and damage wise.

- Vehicle Always Clean NEW
The vehicle won't get dirty and will always stay as clean as possible.

- Infinite Ammo
Ammo won't decrease on any gun you use.

- Infinite Cash
You'll instantly get the max amount of cash you can get. Which is 99,999,999$.

- Infinite Gang Size NEW
You'll be able to have an infinite sized gang group. Enjoy going around with 100 bikini girls.

- Infinite Bullet Range
When shooting, your bullets won't have any kind of range. So you can turn a shotgun into a sniper.

- Freeze Wanted Level
Wanted level won't increase nor decrease.

- Perfect Weapon Accuracy
All your weapons will have perfect accuracy and won't game recoil nor sway. And even shotgun pellets will shoot straight.

- Rapid Fire
All your weapons will shoot way faster than normal. AUDIO WARNING! BE CAREFUL!

- Everyone is Recruitable
Every single ped will be recruitable. From a granny to military personnel.

- Infinite NOS NEW
The NOS from the current vehicle your in, won't decrease on use.

- Always Have Nitro and Hydraulics NEW
Every vehicle you're in, will automatically get both Nitro and Hydraulics.

- Teleport to Waypoint [Hotkey: F1]
When pressing 'F1', you'll teleport to your map waypoint. Be careful with this, and if you fall under the map, enable infinite health so you won't die when teleporting back up.

- Set Wanted Level
Set wanted level to any star that you want. From 0 to 6. Game Limitations still apply. If 4 stars is the max amount, it'll change 6 to 4.

- Activate Radio Anywhere [Hotkey: F2]
Activates the radio from anywhere on the map. Even when outside of a vehicle
This one is kind of scuffy, as I didn't give it that much time, and it doesn't activate sometimes. The best way would be to get into a vehicle, get out and activate it. That will reactivate it while you go around doing stuff.

- CJ Stats
This will have all CJ stats, from sex appeal, respect, etc, to vehicle and weapon skills, and more.

- Vehicle Spawner + Custom Color [Hotkey: F3] NEW
Spawn any vehicle that you want only by pressing a key. You can choose the vehicle from the downdrop list, then choose the color that the linked image under it shows. And press just 'F3' while in the game.

Author: GreenHouse

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