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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Table for Cheat Engine (Steam) {Robby}


Self Stats:
Global time
No Reload Script
Infinite ammo fill script
Hidden Package Rewards Unlocker

Addresses for RC missions
Shakedown mission timer
Deathrow, freeze Lance's health drain.

Business Missions:
Boatyard Checkpoint Charlie timer freeze
Pass Cherry Popper mission instantly
Pass Kaufman Cabs final cab mission easily
Assistance with Sunshine Autos Car Lists
Prevent Multiple cars from despawning script (used if 2+ vehicles required for the Sunshine Autos car list are found at the same time.)

Side Missions (Self Buffs):
Unlock 150 HP by addresses. Pizza mission level, Carrying pizza's left, timer.
Unlock Infinite run by addresses. Paramedic mission level, Patients required to go to next level, timer.
Unlock Fire Immunity by addresses. Firefighter level, fires to put out, timer. 
Unlock Taxi Hydraulics by addresses. Taxi reward tracker, timer.
Vigilante Mission timer, Return to vehicle timer. 

Various things:
Car distance visibility increase script.
Teleport script that allows you to teleport to any business, home, or side mission. 
Player Coordinates addresses

Things not included:
Wanted level (this is bugged based on how its coded with cop aggro, you would need multiple addresses for this to work right) 
Vigilante completion script (Addresses related to the Vigilante side mission are included under random saved variables, but I can't figure out how they function)
Some pretty easy mission timers.


Author: Robby

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Table for Cheat Engine (Steam) {Robby}
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