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Griftlands: Table for Cheat Engine r415920 {dharmang1910}

Game is made by Klei Entertainment with their in house developed game engine which is real pain for making table. It is really hard to make a table that can not crash the game. They are making really good games but lost many customers because players can not go further in game because of some very hard scenario. Invisible, Inc. is one of the example of this. I have tried my best to make this table and tried hard that this table can not crash your game and works in every situations. But if there is something happens then let me know.


♦ Player's Money (sometimes it shows money of sellers too when you purchase something)
♦ Player's Action Points
♦ Player's Current Health
♦ Enemy Health
♦ Resolve (It is changing between Player and Enemy according to situation. When you hit enemy in negotiation then it shows enemy's resolve and when he hits you or when you go to bartender then it shows your resolve )

Author: dharmang1910

The source of information - Griftlands

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