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Grim Dawn +All.DLC's: Table for Cheat Engine v1.1.7.2 - x64 {StinVec}

I never used that before so I don't know how well it functioned for you so this might not be new, but after updating the address I found that it didn't work properly for me:
- buffs would be infinite but their icons wouldn't display in the buff area
- disabling the option caused a crash

After making a few adjustments it will now:
- freeze timers on all buffs (even some temporary ones from equipment)
- keep the buffs displayed
- resume timers on all buffs if the option is disabled

(Only tested on x64 game version)

Author: StinVec

The source of information - Grim Dawn

DOWNLOAD (3.1 Kb) 2020-Sep-20
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