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Gun Brothers: Table for Cheat Engine {Mark195}

General :

- MaxHealth
- inf Health
- inf ammo
- Level
- Timer
- Shooting Rate Scripts :
- Pistol
- A Red Stick With 3 Stick on it??? idk name lmao my english bad.
- Lazer
- Axe
- Launcher (RPG??????)
- Arrow Shooter
Some Weapons May Make The Audio Stop since the shooting sound is so fast
also if a weapon stops shooting just switch to he next gun and switch back it should work fine.
I also Only Added Those i think there is more gun but i didn't play the game a lot tho its fun
Gonna Add More Script if i play more.

There is A boss hp editor Script but may not work since the code that writes to it is so annoying
i know u might say "Why Not Find The Pointer"
Well first of all bosses appearing are random af
then when it dies the health address of the boss goes to random numbers
also u can beat it pretty easily because of Shooting rate scripts and inf ammo

Author: Mark195

The source of information - Gun Brothers

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